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Once you stop learning, you start dying.      ~Albert Einstein

In my REAL school you will learn ways to build your own Realistic Empowered Attainable Lifestyle. Get ready to challenge yourself beyond your wildest dreams. My courses will help you feel healthy and alive.

I will provide you with tools and knowledge to build guide you to new and exciting adventures. You’ll develop confidence and stay active so you can enjoy many happy years together with the ones you love. 

Find YOUR Finish

Thinking of making triathlon part of your life?

Find YOUR Finish is the ultimate experience for new and emerging triathletes in a hybrid of online and live group coaching in a small cohort of athletes.

The online course combines knowledge about training, nutrition, race day and mindset with practical advice and fun tips that you only get through years of experience or by hiring a coach. 

Work at your own pace through text, videos and hand-on worksheets and ask questions in the LIVE Q&A sessions or in our private group.

This 4 week experience will, you will on the path to your first triathlon or ready to challenge yourself to a new distance with confidence. 

TRI Something New

So you’re curious about triathlon, but you’ve got so many questions. What’s involved?  Where do I even start? How much time do I need? What does training look like? 

TRI Something new will answer all these questions and more to help the beginner triathlete get started without being overwhelmed. This course combines motivation and a complete downloadable guide with over 25 pages of practical information to help start your training and give you the knowledge to show up to be ready for your first event.

Jumpstart Your Fitness

Learn to fit exercise into your life in 5 easy steps.

With immediate access to this downloadable guide and tracking sheets you can get started right away!

Control Your Fitness

You are in charge! Get fit anywhere with little or no equipment. This course is packed with tutroials on creating your workout schedule and demonstrations on form with options for common exercises to fit your current fitness ability.

I’ll guide you through my goal setting and tracking templates to prepare your plan for success. You’ll learn about tools to help level up your workout and those to assist you with recovery. And I even threw in a bonus section on getting started with proper nutrition.

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