insulated water bottle

Blue Insulated Team B*REAL 23oz Water Bottle

Insulated: (blue) – $19 includes shipping

Custom Made with B*REAL logo

23 oz

1. Specialized “Purist Insulated Chromatek Watergate” Water Bottle

2. Purist infusion shields the bottle from odor, stains, and mold to keep your water pure and your bottle clean.

3. Chromatek™ liner keeps your liquids cold.

4. Updated materials make for unmatched squeezability.

5. Self-sealing Heart Valve™ delivers a high rate of flow with a 100% leak-proof design—even when the valve is open.

6. BPA-Free plastic is made from 100% FDA food- grade materials, and it’s printed with non-solvent base (UV Cured), CPSC-approved ink and materials.

Price $19.00