Here’s what you get with your Team B*REAL Membership:

  • LIVE Weekly coaching on topics including nutrition, strength, injury prevention.
  • Monthly Motivation Meetings to keep you excited about your goals.
  • Monthly Team Challenges (and prizes 😊) to stay consistent with your training.
  • Access to the Team B*REAL Private Community & Resources.
  • Sponsor Discounts
  • A certified coach (that’s me) who cares about YOU and is dedicated to help you achieve YOUR goals.
  • Free Performance assessment (complete an online survey and receive written feedback & suggestions)


PLUS all Team Members get a 10% discount on Private Coaching, Consulting and Courses.

Who is Team B*REAL for?

Team B*REAL is a multisport and endurance team (swimming, cycling, running, duathlon, aquabike and triathlon).

Our training family is open to athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities who are looking to build a Realistic Empowered Attainable Lifestyle. The B is for Badass which means we like to work hard and have fun while chasing our goals.

Team B*REAL is where ordinary people come together in person and virtually to be extraordinary athletes.



Tri Something New Book

Just getting started? Add my E-Book to your membership:

TRI Something New

If you’re new to triathlon you are probably asking yourself: 

What does it mean to do a triathlon?  

How much time do I need? 

What gear is really necessary? 

What does training look like? 

Where do I even start?

The TRI Something New guide will answer all of these questions and help a beginner triathlete get started without being overwhelmed. You can download the guide immediately for access to over 25 pages of practical information about distances, gear, training, nutrition, and choosing a race. I’ll even walk you through what race day looks like. TRI Something New will help start your training and give you the knowledge to show up ready for your first event.

When you purchase my TRI Something New guide with your B*REAL membership you save 25% off the regular price of $36 and only pay $27 for my guide.