Swimming Keeps My Life Afloat

From triathlons to marathon swims to ice swims, every time I’m in the water I learn something about myself and the unlimited potential within us both physically and mentally. 

The complete blog post is at TriThrift.com – their mission to help reduce common barriers for anyone who wishes to particiapate in the world of endurance sports resonates so deeply with why I became a coach. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to share my story and help encourage new endurance athletes.

I could NEVER do that!

Henry Ford said “If you say you can or your can’t you’re right.”

As a guest on the I Could Never Do That podcast, I had the opportunity to share my story about my epic ice swim along with some REAL talk about diet culture, fueling for endurance sports and my journey as an athlete in a larger body.

I even share why and how I ditched my wetsuit to swim outside all year long in the Boston area.

Would you do this?

Have you ever considered doing a polar plunge – running into the winter ocean with nothing but a swimsuit? I remember a time when I thought that was the craziest thing you could do in the water. I’ve been a swimmer my entire life and I love the open water, but never considered jumping into freezing cold water. Well, you know what they say…never say never. 

From Teacher to Triathlons

“This interview with Adina O’Neill is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and a positive mindset. Adina’s journey from teacher to endurance sports is a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your passions and achieve your goals.

Adina reflects on her journey and shares advice for aspiring endurance athletes. She encourages listeners to believe in themselves and to never give up on their dreams, no matter how challenging they may seem. Beyond the advice Adina discusses the idea of inclusion in sport, especially for Athena athletes.


10 Mile Swim

Relive the training and feel the magic of race day as I share my journey to the 10 mile Kingdom Swim in my latest article in Run.Tri.Bike Magazine.  

Strengthen Your Swim

I had an amazing opportunity to contribute an article in Run.Tri.Bike magazine. Check out my piece on pages 18-19.


Races are about more than winning. Competing is about more than podium spots or fastest times. This week’s guest Adina O’Neill, a self-described “back of the pack” athlete knows all about that. 


Today on the Mile after Mile Podcast is triathlete, mom and coach , Adina O’Neill. We talk about who she is and what her life is like outside of triathlon and sport. We talk about what races she’s done and how she started in the sport of triathlon, why triathlon and what she enjoys about the sport. 

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