Group and Private Coaching for

Triathlon, Swimming and Endurance Sports

Team B*Real (Group Coaching)

Are you looking to connect with other ”regular” people who are having fun testing their own limits while they support and inspire each other? Do you want to learn more and take your training to the next level?

Team B*REAL welcomes athletes of all abilities, shapes, sizes and identities who want to feel confident and achieve amazing goals.

Private Coaching

Do you need one-on-one attention? Are you looking for a custom plan to train for a specific event that is based on your goals, your experience and your schedule?

 Coach Adina will work with you to develop a training strategy that will meet your fitness experience, personal lifestyle and race goals.

Here is what you get with a Team B*REAL Membership:

  • LIVE Weekly coaching on topics including nutrition, strength, injury prevention.
  • Monthly Motivation Meetings to keep you excited about your goals.
  • Monthly Team Challenges (and prizes 😊) to stay consistent with your training.
  • Access to the Team B*REAL Private Community & Resources.
  • Sponsor Discounts.
  • Discounts on Virtual Events and Courses.
  • A certified coach (that’s me) who cares about YOU and is dedicated to help you achieve YOUR goals.
  • Free Performance assessment (complete an online survey and receive written feedback & suggestions)
  • Free Virtual Group Training Sessions

PLUS all Annual Team Members get a B*REAL welcome pack and 10% discount on Private Coaching, Custom Plans and Courses.

Who is Team B*REAL for?

Team B*REAL is a national multisport and endurance team that is more like a family. We are a community that offers camaraderie, support, and experience with no judgment about your size, age, pace, gender identity, sexual orientation or anything else that makes you who you are.

We are swimmers, cyclists, runners, triathletes and more.

Team B*REAL is made up of regular people who have jobs and daily responsibilities. Some have children or grandchildren. Some have been athletes since high school and others started in their 40s! Some want to compete and others are happy to cross the finish line.

B*REAL means a Realistic Empowered Attainable Lifestyle. The B is for Badass which means we like to work hard and have fun. It’s a safe place where every athlete can chase their goals.

We are a group of ordinary people who are having fun testing our own limits. Together we show up everyday to do our personal best and cheer each other on. We inspire each other and build confidence.

We are extraordinary athletes, not because we are setting records or reaching podiums, although sometimes that does happen. It’s our ability to show up consistently for ourselves, overcome challenges and work hard to reach meaningful goals


Just getting started? Add my E-Book to your membership:


The TRI Something New guide will answer all of the questions to help a beginner triathlete get started without being overwhelmed. You can download the guide immediately for access to over 25 pages of practical information about distances, gear, training, nutrition, and choosing a race. I’ll even walk you through what race day looks like.

TRI Something New will help start your training and give you the knowledge to show up ready for your first event.

“It was informative, yet also simple to understand – it is especially user friendly for the new triathlete.”



“You’re so helpful, positive and have a ton of experience. Plus you’re a human!! You made me feel confident and supported.”

Hannah ~ Natick, MA

“Coach Adina gave me everything I needed in support and training to cross the finish line at my first ever triathlon. I found pure joy. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Meghan ~ Arlington, MA

“I love having training tools and tips at my fingertips. It’s great to have support from a team while looking to that next goal – maybe a half-Ironman!”

Allison. Braintree, MA

“This group is the most supportive, non-judgmental, positive environment I’ve found since I started training. I love the positivity and support. We need more athlete groups like this.”

Michelle ~ Urbandale, IA

Team B*REAL Membership FAQs

Click each box below to see the answers to each commonly asked question.

Q: If I’m already on a team, can I join Team B*REAL?

A: Of course! We encourage spreading the multisport love as far and wide as possible. You may train and race in any kit. Team B*REAL is a community of athletes who encourage each other to try hard, have fun and enjoy the journey toward their best self.

Q: Can beginner athletes join?

A: Absolutely! Team B*REAL accepts athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes. We strive for a Real Empowered Attainable Lifestyle where we support each other to try hard, have fun and enjoy the journey toward your best self.

Q: Can experienced athletes join?

A: Absolutely! Team B*REAL accepts athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes. We strive for a Real Empowered Attainable Lifestyle where we support each other to try hard, have fun and enjoy the journey toward your best self.

Q: Is there a fee to join?

A: Yes. The low monthly membership fee helps cover business expenses and coaching fees. You may cancel at any time. Discounted annual memberships are available at select times only.

Q: Is Team B*REAL only for long distance sports?

A: No. I provide coaching for all distances. Pick your distance from Super Sprint to Ironman and I will help you rock it.

Q: Do I need to live nearby?

A: No. Team B*REAL is a virtual team. All training, challenges and meetups are held online. We may try to organize or encourage physical meetups, but the strength of the team starts with the virtual community.

Q: Is Team B*REAL only for triathletes?

A: No! Team B*REAL welcomes single sport and multisport athletes who participate in ANY event: swim, road cycling, MTB, road running, trail running, triathlon, aquabike, duathlon…you get the idea!

Pick my brain!!

Have specific training questions? Need help adjusting your plan for travel or injury? Want to discuss picking a race or planning your race season? Not sure where to start? I’ll set aside 20 minutes to chat with you about whatever you’re curious about.

Build a Strategy

 If you are preparing for your first race or working towards a new distance. We will dive deep into your current routine to identify strengths and roadblocks in order to optimize your success. We will build a goal and pinpoint specific tasks to get you to the starting line of your next event with confidence.

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe the key to achieving any goal is having a plan and tracking. I know planning can be a daunting task so I’m going to share my secret to perfect planning:

There is no perfect plan!  

Your plan is a starting point. It is a guideline to get you on the right path. Along the way you observe, learn and adjust.

A successful plan starts with proven methods and the right tools. This is where I can help you.  I will work with you to customize YOUR plan to get you closer to YOUR goal every day. I will teach you how to track for success and support you with positive motivation and just enough REAL to keep you moving forward. 

Team Sponsors

I have researched and tested a variety of brands and I am thrilled to share my recommendations with you. Some of the brands listed below have offered discounts that I can pass along to you as a member of Team B*REAL. Others are sponsors, meaning if you purchase through the links below I get a small commission that helps offset some of the administrative costs associated with running the team.








Learn more about my Custom Athlete Training and let me answer your questions.