My very first success story was my own.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved being active. I was outside all the time, usually on some kind of adventure with my brother.

As an adult I was perpetually overweight, but I still loved to move. I turned to fitness to help me deal with everyday stress and as a means to socialize.

When I finally got my eating under control, I lost over 50 pounds and started taking on some crazy physical adventures.

After completing my 1st triathlon a few days before my 40th birthday, I was hooked. I love the variety of training swim, bike & run and the opportunity to challenge myself to new achievements. I found an amazing community and have connected with athletes all over the globe.

From my first Sprint Tri in Hull, MA completing a Full  Ironman at Mont Tremblant, QC with my brother, this sport has helped me feel strong, confident and unstoppable.

The real joy comes from helping others.

Meet Sue

“I set my goal high after getting back to running ….. I dove right in and set my eyes on a Marathon. Having little experience in the training world of marathons, I reached out to Adina.

Adina has been an inspiration to me as I have followed her health and fitness journey over the years. Her accomplishments are a WOW factor and she is someone that I trust whole heartedly.

In the beginning we spent time going over all aspects of the training; nutrition, hydration, long runs, hills, adjusting my plan to my life. Throughout the months we stayed and touch and she encouraged me, recommending different options when something felt wrong or wasn’t working . After my marathon she reached out to help celebrate my accomplishments! Thank you Adina 💕”

Meet Lori

After being diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome and losing over 100 pounds, Lori was looking to tone up and build strength. When I first met her she was feeling defeated and doubted her ability to complete our 100 workout program. But…she didn’t back down. We worked every day together and at the halfway point, she shared this with me:

“Went to the dr today and haven’t been since April and he walked in and did a double take at me… he said wow your arms look great you’re lifting weights aren’t you?? I can see that you are building muscle and you look so good and healthy keep doing what your doing. I’m very proud of you😍😍 I was beaming.”

Meet Amanda

I found the ‘Find YOUR finish’ course really informative and beneficial. It was great to hear Adina’s inspiring story!

I liked that you could watch the videos and complete the different modules in your own time. I took lots of notes, and went back on sections. I learned a lot about the different races and the various components of a Triathlon.

The swim section was of most interest to me and I went out and bought a tow float, some goggles and a bright hat and joined a sea swimming group. I’m planning on completing a Sprint Tri in 2021.

Adina’s support during and after completing the course has been great! Even just a simple check in on what my goals are for the coming month gives that accountability.

Meet Hannah

I loved all the resources, support and information. I appreciated that you used so many different platforms to connect. I loved the Q&As and the workouts are great.

The self-assessment was deep and reflective and helped me zone in on my purpose and goals. Getting feedback with the evaluations was a really helpful component too.

Having you available to field questions, discuss your own experiences, etc was the best. You’re so helpful, positive and have a ton of experience. Plus you’re a human!! I felt like you made me feel confident and supported.

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